Option Agreements

We believe many properties meet the criteria for some exciting opportunities that have arisen, due to current market conditions. We have experience in this area and have undertaken numerous proposals, including the conversion of existing buildings and the complete re-development of properties, resulting in a significant increased overall value.

We specialise in identifying development opportunities, offering bespoke design solutions, together with extensive planning knowledge, that can be tailored to individual needs. We have a strong financial framework and business model, created to meet each vendor’s requirements, including an opportunity to agree an “option”, whereby a mutual agreement is made to purchase the property once certain contingencies have been met.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you in further detail at our offices in Cobham High Street.  Alternatively, we would be happy to visit you at your property at a time of your convenience.  Meetings can be arranged by phone or email. Please feel free to contact us with any possible queries you may have.

Who is SUKI Group?