SUKI Group

Over a decade of experience developing and building properties in and around London.

CEO and founder of Surrey UK Investments Group (SUKI Group) Evangelos Pieri is a entrepreneur and real estate Investor/developer involved in real estate for over 20 years.

His passion for property began at the tender age of 17 when he purchased his first property committing every penny he had in savings to make the purchase.

Having experienced first hand being homeless in his teens after his family had lost their family business and assets following the recession in 1991, Evangelos used this experience of living in substandard accommodation as his primary drive to set up and grow his property portfolio.

By his twenties he expanded his growing property portfolio into the homeless accommodation sector by becoming a preferred provider for Croydon Borough Council and other London Boroughs. It did not take long until this high quality homeless accommodation was recognised by Croydon Council and noted by the Mayor of London as the highest standard in the Borough.

Evangelos foreseeing the future government changes in legislation / cuts and markets conditions, sold his homeless accommodation to a private London bank. He then focused his efforts into property development, something he had previously done throughout his years in property acquisition and investment.

Evangelos prides himself on his management skills and his ability to adapt to the constantly changing market place. This skill has helped him go from strength to strength even through difficult financial times and he has now opened a flagship architecture and planning consultancy in the heart of a prominent Surrey location in Cobham.